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Minimize Java Apps in Nokia s40v3,v5,v6 (100% Working Tutorial)

  Hollaaaa Good News for Nokia s40 users. Now u can Minimize apps in s40v3,v4,v5,v6 and enjoy multitasking. Applications can be minimized in all S60 phones by pressing the Home Key but in case of S40 phones it was impossible. But there is a trick with which you can minimize the Java Applications in S40 phones as well ;D.

S40 hacking

Security system of s40 phones are designed in such a way that for every single change the phone will ask the user to grant permission,sometimes it is very annoying while using unsigned application so you need to hack phones security, to hack phones security you need J.A.F software and a computer. This will also help u in minimize java apps. I’ll explain the procedure in steps.


  • In your mobile, Select Nokia OVI (or) PC suite as default in Settings->connectivity->USB Data Cable and Connect your Phone with PC. 
  • Open JAF and go to BB5 Tab. 
  • Tick the following. 
     a-Read pp. 
     b-Normal Mode. 
     c-CRT 308(Already Ticked). 

  • Now Click Service

***NOTE: If u get get Failed..IMEI error after hitting Service, then just disconnect the USB cable and restart your mobile., and when u see Hand-to-Hand Nokia logo connect your mobile through USB and hit Service immediately. Now You will get .pp file for sure..

Now you will get pp file of your phone and save it,open that file with any text editors such as notepad,word-pad, or notepad++ you must be some what careful here,

for s40 v3 phones change the value of 28th line to 2 from 1,that is “28 2
for s40 v5 and v6 phones change the value of 48th line to 2,that is “48 2″ 
     In case if there is no 48 or 28 then add the Appropriate line i.e 48 2 or 28 2 just below SET 1
 some phones show only three fields on their pp file,then just add 48 2 below set 1 like this and save the *pp file.


1-Open JAF>BB5 Tab.
2-Tick the following:
    a-Upload pp
    b-Normal Modec CRT-308 (Already Ticked)
3-Click on Service.

***NOTE: If u get Failed! Aborting! error after hitting Service, then just disconnect the USB cable and restart your mobile., and when u see Hand-to-Hand Nokia logo connect your mobile through USB and hit Service immediately. Now You will get a dialog box to select .pp file.

4-Select the *.pp File.

5-After it shows Done, Select "Normal" from Phone Mode Drop Down Menu(right side).
6-Phone will Restart and show "Test in RNDIS USB mode?" Press NO. This popup will be shown on every restart. This is normal..
7-Finally the phone restarts,that’s it now you have hacked your phones security. 
Now we have successfully disabled the Nokia Security wall. 


Steps to Edit Java Application.

1-Copy the Java(.jar) application to the computer.
2-Open the *.jar file with WinRAR.
3-Browse to Meta-Inf Folder and Open it.
4-Open the Manifest.MF file in Notepad.
5-At the end of the codes add this line
Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: True

6-Save the notepad file.

7-Click on Yes when WinRAR asks to Update the Archive.

8-Copy the *.jar file to Nokia.

Now if you press the red button,the application will not ask you to exit,rather it disappears(minimizes),click on the application again to restore it.

multitasking works only with s40 v5 and higher phones,but you can hack security of any s40 phones

check this video to know how multitasking works,
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  1. I hacked my phone but i can not minimize uc browser

    1. hii Imran just follow the same procedure as we mentioned above. Add this Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: True exactly in last line while editing Manifest.MF of uc browser app. whats ur mobile series ?

  2. My phone is asha 200 ,bt its not working.......pls pls help me..

  3. step 1,, afer clickng service its shows
    imei failed

    JAF version 1.98.62
    Detected PKEY: 9000AC9E
    Card life counter: 99.99%
    P-key nokia module version 01.02
    USB Cable Driver version:
    Changing mode...Done!
    Detected P-KEY: 9000AC9E
    P-key nokia module version 01.02
    Init usb communication...

    1. Its inbound error sathish.. Dont worry jst remove nd reinsert ur phone battery. Restart ur mobile and try this process again.. u may get it in 2 or 3 trials. It took 6 trials for me in nokia 2700c

  4. appu brother. i have problem same as santhisenan. i try it again and again.... but it show the sameeeeee.. please help

    1. Let me say the right way to do it.. When u get Failed IMEI error

      1.just disconnect the cable

      2.Select Nokia PC/OVI suite as default in Settings->connectivity->USB Data Cable.

      3.Now Restart your mobile.

      4.Connect your mobile through data cable When you see Hand to Hand Nokia Logo.

      5.Now press on service button in JAF again.. This time You can get pp file for sure..

      Follow the same process if u get Failed,Aborted during upload of pp file

  5. bro i use d 1st method on my nokia 3110c with both JAF and Pheonix... but its not working. pls help :(

  6. its working fine ya i can minimize any apps.. feels gr8 to do multitasking with my s40 mobile..

  7. when i launch JAF COM Emulator it shows cant load ft8u245.dll then i press ok it shows FT_openex is not valid agin press usb erro. Etc
    pls tell me a solution i done all the installation corectly pls mail me on
    thank u

  8. My nokia 5300 xpress music is not able to stream videos in opera or uc browser and gives the mesage that protocol used is not supported bt my inbuilt browser streams it well. Bt i want to stream it through opera. Plz help.

  9. I CANOT UPLOAD PP FILE{Setting test mode...
    Failed! Aborting!
    Detected P-KEY: 90009699
    P-key nokia module version 01.02
    Init usb communication...
    Setting test mode...
    Failed! Aborting} SHOWING

  10. Hah! at last.. I tried it on my nokia 2700 and i think it worked for me.. thanxx Admin. i get error certificate not in phone while installing from ovi.. is der any solution?

  11. Hey bro i hacked my nokia2700c succesfuly but edited apps showing invalid apps while instaling give me edited java app (ucbrowser) plz
    thank u for advance

  12. Hi!" guyz i do all its works in asha 311 but ho to restore because it give error every restart of mobile plz help me out

  13. I can't hack my nokia asha 200.

    It says (.pp)
    [Product profile RM-761 _352414059943941]
    SETS 1

    SET 1
    0 31
    1 0

    what can i do ?

  14. hey appu Bro i followed all steps correctly on my nokia asha 200 it was completed but i don't get any pop-up on my phone restart and even my application are not minimizing ... i even followed steps to edit app n add that line but no change .. and it is written " some phones show only three fields on their pp file .. but by default on my phones pp only 2 fields were present but too i added 28 2 below set1 but no change .. so plzzzzzzzzzzz help me i want to hack my phone

  15. hey, thanks buddy.. it works 100%.. now I can minimize all apps in my NOKIA X2.. thanks a lot

  16. hello friends....
    as u i was trying hardly for this... after long time i did it on my C3-00... this trick is awesome.... i got all this errors about IMEI n after that aborting.... just keep doing it... restart it again n again..clicked on service again n agian.... n finally i got it...
    one important thing to tell u....
    i was getting IMEI failed everytime even after restart...
    so i just tried n took a chance n i select NORMAL in drop down list of Phone mode.. n see.. it worked...
    who r getting those errors may try again by selecting phone mode as normal... everything else is done in the way of admin.... u will find ur apps minimizing on s40...
    guys give me ur feedback on

  17. I hav done all the things u hav told that is editing the .pp file and the .jar app. I have successfully done it on my nokia asha 201 but still it asks for closing app instead of minimising

  18. it is normal that after i minimize and nothing else to do in my apps i closed it but after i closed the apps ive been open before, it cant be open again? It is normal to reboot my phone to run my apps i open before after minimizing? Thats my problem. I hacked my phone nokia 301 dualsim. I do multitasking all my apps modified by the code. The only problem is when i exit/closed the apps i open, i cant open it again rather than to reboot my phone. Its that normal? Need ur feedback author. Thanks. God bless you! :)

  19. this hack trick is also valid for nokia 3110c mobile or nt plz help me..

  20. In nokia asha 202 imei failed again and again what i do?????


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